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Thursday, July 21, 2011

heat wave

108 degrees today with heat index...
If you like saunas, welcome to the Midwest today...
It's been a while since it's been this hot here in Ohio.
And steamy...
And with bad air quality...

So, today's high heat/bad air quality event was a test of many things:
  1. Heat endurance: getting from car to quilt shop aka work
  2. Patience:  for people who don't have working air conditioning in their vehicle
  3. Meds:  asthma doesn't like the combo of really high temps and really bad air quality.
  4. dress code:  sleeveless is in
And, I guess I passed the above tests -
  1. Got there early before the temps peaked, left after the sun dropped, & working at a quilt shop really isn't considered work, is it?
  2. Just got out of the way of those folks who where driving faster and faster, trying to create their own cooler breeze
  3. Still breathing, no extra meds, so must have stayed inside during the worst time, and thankfully, working air conditioning
  4. Guess my sweat glands passed, too - gross!
I will tell you -
I am not working with my wool this week!

Happy Stitching though!

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