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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

summer storms

The summer storms are just rolling through here already this week.
They're great because they clean out the air as they blow through, taking care of the pollen and making the air-quality-index in the breathable range.

Yesterday's storms popped up early afternoon and dropped the temperature from 98 degrees to 82, then an hour later down to 78 degrees.  And the inch and a half of rain dropped the humidity greatly too.  That humidity was just hanging in the air, causing problems, and I was glad to see it fall to the ground in big, splatting, drops.

The bad thing about those storms rolling through?
They took out the cable, Internet and phone.
Soon the electric went too.

So, that means the commission quilt is still on the machine
(sorry, Annette, it will be another couple of days!).
And, that means that I was able to sit and hand-stitch a while today!
That's always a nice treat - hand-stitching in the middle of the afternoon and into evening.

And, dinner plans changed. 
Some beef from the freezer,
some ears of corn in the husks quickly water-soaked
and a match to some charcoal ...
dinner was an impromptu barbecue,
just added some fresh-sliced tomatoes and a couple of peaches - yum!

Thanks, summer storms!
Another perfect summer day!

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