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Friday, July 8, 2011

summer "Stew"

The summer's sweltering heat and humidity have hit!!!
and the air feels a little like stew

Speaking of stew...

I worked on my hand/wool stitching
just a little this week-
yeah, I know,
 plus heat & humidity
don't really go together,
do they?

But I have this pattern by
Threads that Bind...
called "Alphabet Stew"
I belong to a very informal
Woolly Wednesday Group
that meets about once a month,
whenever we can get together-
(sometimes even on Wednesdays!)...
In the next week or so
we'll meet for our monthly woolly gathering.
I have been prepping this project
As you can see, I have the "alphabet" stitching done,
now to get the woolen "stew" ready to attach!

I think "Alphabet Stew" 
will eventually hang above the doorway into my kitchen.
The wall surrounding the doorway into my kitchen
is also the wall where I've been hanging my
"small quilts" aka: wall hangings
over the past years,
so if Alphabet Stew doesn't seem lost there,
that's where it will go!

Happy Summer Stewing Stitching!

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