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Thursday, July 7, 2011

meandering & the heat

Summer's heat and humidity have hit Ohio, finally!
Sweltering is....
OK, not nice, but I do like it!
Yep, weird, I know.
I have the air conditioning on just a little -
just enough to keep the humidity down enough to quilt!
And, as a positive,
the guests seem to stay a little longer
if there is a little temperature control!

So, besides the sweltering going on here,
there has been some meandering, too...
first up this past week is Roberta's reds...
so very scrappy and beautiful.
Next is Carolyn's...
she tried something new to her - a foundation-pieced crazy quilt,
 all pieced by machine and then machine fancy stitched, too.
It also is a beauty
in greys, pinks, browns, just a hint of green occasionally
and some striking maroon/reds.
Both are very inspirational, aren't they?
Makes you want to start using up some scraps, huh?
And, we all have scraps, don't we?

It might be time to go dig around in this sweltering heat
and think about doing a scrap quilt, I think!
Do you think I can move my sewing machine out
to one of the deck tables under an umbrella?

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