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Friday, July 1, 2011

July First ends with a Boom!

First...Thanks to all who commented on my scissor debate - I'll let you know tomorrow who was drawn as the winner!

Second, Sweetie and I are off tonight
to see the "Down Town" version of fireworks.

This is not your local-yocal version of fireworks...
you know - local-yocal version
as in one boom or sprinkle of lights every few minutes spread over about fifteen or twenty minutes (which we do hit on the 4th in our little local village, and really enjoy, too).

this is the Down-Town version
with bazillions of booms and lights
and choreographed to music
and a constant light show
lasting more than 45 minutes!
We are joining about a half million
of our closest friends to see
"Red, White & Boom".

This does live stream
tonight, Friday, July 1st,
if anyone wants to join us from afar!
You, too, could be one of our half-million friends.

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  1. i LOVE red white and boom! i used to live (born and raised there...and raised my older children there) in ohio (worthington and dublin) and i have great memories of taking my children to see this. alas, i now live in red white and boom here - but still lots of memories. thanks for sharing this and letting me walk a little down memory lane!


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