Lucy Boston

Monday, January 6, 2014


For those that have inquired
about my dimples ;),
thank you!, 
here's a closer picture of that quilt for J.R.

football dimples...
Don't know why,
when I was so pushed for time,
that I thought that
a bazillion teeny little circles
nestled right next to each other,
would be a quick way to meander over a quilt !

Although it was
the day before it was needed to gift for Christmas
that is the way I chose to quilt this one
- all dimple-y.

Do you do 'stuff' like this too?
When you know you are out of time,
choose the most time-consuming way to finish?

I really like how it turned out.
But, really?
Just call me crazy!


  1. sadly, you are not the only person to plan too much into not enough time. LOVE your dimples! t in tx


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