Lucy Boston

Monday, January 6, 2014

chilly, chili, stew and stitch...

Yes, it is more than chilly outside -
it's way below freezing here in central Ohio.
Blowing snow and wind chill?
In my mind, that makes for a good weekend
to stay in and do some stitching!
I'm working on connecting my Lucy Boston Blocks!
All of those little, one inch squares,
all of the same color and not fussy-cut sure
are monotonous!
So while stitching mindlessly,
I'm thinking
that for this chilly day
I'd make up a big pot of chili.

I got some of my prepared ground beef out of the freezer...
dropped it into the slow cooker,
added three quarts of my canned tomatoes
and a cup of tomato paste...
stirred in a dash of this and a handful of that
along with another couple dashes of the really good stuff...
and put the lid on it.
Almost time for it to 'stew'.
Drop in the beans and cover and simmer for the day!

I went to back to the pantry for
the kidney beans and black beans.
Guess what?  Not a single bean to be found!
My pantry is bean-less!
All I found in the bean section were some dried beans -
a mixture of 7 different kinds of dried beans...
which would be great if I had a ham hock in the slow cooker.

And it's smelling so good in here already!
I had already grabbed the cornmeal, too,
looking forward to whipping up some cornbread 
so I could pull it out of the oven tonight
when the chili was ready to dish up.

I've never made bean-less chili before. 
Doesn't sound very appealing...

I did get hold of Sweetie though. 
And he agreed that
kidney beans and black beans should go into chili. 
So on his way home late this afternoon,
he will stop by the grocery and grab some beans.
So we can have chili on this chilly night.

Disaster averted :)
and I'm going back to stitching
while my so far, bean-less chili stews simmers, awaiting it's beans.

Here's hoping you can stitch a little, too,
on this chilly, chili day!


  1. I wish I could come and stitch with you - and I would not turn down a serving of chili either :-) Hugs from the north

  2. Can't wait to see your finished Lucy Boston POTC. Funny Colleen was minus a ham hock this week too.

  3. Love your Lucy Boston blocks. I just finished my second one last night. Some of us in Shipshe decided we'd make one a month, but at that rate a quilt will take over 4 years. We are having more snow today, and I made chili yesterday, too. If I lived closer I would have brought the cornbread and stitching and stayed for dinner.

  4. Hey girls! I wish you all would have stopped in for dinner, too! Food with good friends, laughing, talking and stitching - that would have been wonderful!!
    Hanne: that would be great for you to come to dinner all the way from Norway!
    TLC: I can't wait to see all of these blocks finished either!
    LuAnn: I know there were quite a few gals from Shipshe that were going to start Lucy, but I didn't realize the goal was a block a month. I will tell you that a block a week is totally doable, even while working on other projects.
    Now I can't wait to see everyone elses blocks!


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