Lucy Boston

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

meanderings, in the snow

During the last week of snows that have come through central Ohio
I have been doing some meanderings in thread,
aka quilting. 
A close up of the first quilt: 
The quilt, above, is a beautiful rose-y red, sage green
and a warm, chocolate-y brown,
which the close-up photo shows much better.
The quilt, below, has a couple of great florals 
in yellows, oranges, and purple.
 And a close-up of the fabrics in this quilt:
These first two quilts pictured were made by Janet.
She made these quilts for friends who lost all in a fire.
and I was honored to be able to quilt them for her. 

She knows that these two quilts
won't replace what was lost in the fire,
but wanted the family to know that they are
surrounded by love and prayers -
all wrapped up within a hand-made quilt.

I also got to meander over a little baby quilt...
Louise made this cutie of a quilt 
for a baby that is trying to come into this world way too early. 
The momma- Louise's grand-daughter,
is on hospital bed rest, so Louise is now binding away,
trying to get this quilt done before the anxious baby arrives.
My meandering/quilting on these three quilts
was done with prayers for the families they are going to;
also with introspection and thanks for all of our blessings.
And then I took a walk and meandered through the snow...


  1. sending prayers for both families. very nice quilting to help them along. t in tx

  2. Oh, no - good thoughts coming your way to pass onto your friends, and very nice quilting. I'm sure they will appreciate the quilts and thoughtfulness behind both.

  3. The walk in the snow sounds like a good way to contemplate... prayers for both families.

  4. Thanks, all, for the love you sent my way. I appreciate it very much and I'm sure my friends both appreciate it also.


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