Lucy Boston

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

in denial

For the past couple of years
I have had a wonderful job,
playing with Civil War fabrics,
meeting friends - new and old, and
making quilts at a great quilt shop,
with a great family, in north/central Ohio.

The Good Wives Company
sold only reproduc- tion fabrics and wools.
They did the greatest job of reproducing and making patterns of antique quilts. 
They also had the knack of
choosing just the right fabrics  for kits
to make patterns and quilts just sing. 
They were genuinely warm and caring,
and if you ever had the chance to stop into the shop,
you knew you would be greeted most warmly -
like a long-lost friend.

They treated everyone so well.
I feel so blessed...
to have been able to get to know these gals,
and be a part of their team.
It was a wonderful shop, a great two years for me,
and I appreciate not only the job, but their friendship and caring.

The end of last October, after 10 years,
they made the hard decision to close because of family health issues.
At the end of December, they closed their doors...

I guess I've been in denial.
I haven't wanted to admit that this wonderful quilt shop closed. 

They will be truly missed. 
There is now a hole in the quilting community.
Love you gals!

(The Good Wives Co. still plan to be open
on an occasional Friday/Saturday
to sell off the remaining stock -


  1. I'm so sorry to hear that Good Wives has closed! I used to love going in there when my grandmother lived in Marion. :0(

  2. so sorry to hear of the loss of a great shop! t in tx

  3. How sad for so many reasons. I know you miss working there, and all the time and creative mojo you got there, too. Hope the family's health improves.


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