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Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, Better

The Good - It was only the five day long variety
The Bad - The influenza visited our home the day after Christmas

Bad - In this last week-plus, I followed up with bronchitis &
The Ugly - pneumonia - of the walking kind

More Good - Drugs have now been prescribed & taken
More Bad - pulled a muscle in the rib area coughing so hard

Good - I think the drugs are already kicking in
The Better - I think I feel like, maybe, getting back to stitching
Now that I've gotten the Good/Bad/Ugly out of the way,
how about a few pictures of customer quilts
(from the end of last year) that I got to meander over?
I don't think I've shown these, anyway.
I made this quilt for a couple who are really good friends of mine...
they both worked for Ohio State; they attended OSU,
as did their parents, children & D-I-Ls,
so I thought this was a fitting quilt -
Vintage OSU for some vintage friends :)
'Vintage OSU' for my Vintage OSU friends.
Quilted with my Sashiko machine.
Debra - My Life Is A Stitch . blogspot
The following quilts were all for customers -  
made as surprise gift quilts and I couldn't share earlier...
now I'm forgetting who made which quilt - sorry!

This was a great, graphic-looking one
(with cool fabrics that I wish I had in my stash!) :

A cute baby quilt:
and a block close-up:
A very nice Jelly Roll Race style quilt:
I think that this Jelly Roll race was Joell's, except she ALWAYS makes gigant-0 quilts, and this wasn't, it was closer to a double size.  So, I could be wrong. And, I'm thinking she put together her own set of strips to make it.  But again, I could be wrong.  It has been about a month since I quilted it :)

Finally, there were two of these Dino quilts:
So pretend you are seeing double!
And I know these were Janet's work -
1: she has twin nephews & 2: they were meticulously pieced,
and that's exactly Janet:).

I'll be back in a bit
with a couple more pictures of quilts
that I actually got made and gifted.

Well, don't take "bit" too seriously...
it all depends on when the drugs kick in fully
and I'm back to better than better! :)

Happy Stitching!


  1. THE influenza??? Oh no! Hope you are all better soon!

  2. Pleuratic pain is the worst. Hope you're on the mend.

  3. the flu is not good to have, especially during the holdays. sounds like you had yours after, so that is one good thing!
    Like all the quilts you quilted! and can't wait to see the next!

  4. Bummer! Get well soon! T in Tx


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