Lucy Boston

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Had a fit of domesticity...

this morning before 7.
De-germed the bathrooms.
Wiped the little kiddie hand-prints off the front glass.
Did all the dusting and vacuuming.
Washer and dryer both whirring.
Dinner in the crockpot.

Then I awakened.  Ha. 
So many things I can get accomplished during dream time!

If only it was that easy -
dream it and it's done...
wouldn't that be nice?

Though not as good as dreamland,
in reality this morning by 9ish
the washer was going.
I'd showered. 
And dinner was prepped...
a beef/broccoli dish with a side of brown & wild rice, 
which is wonderful...
well, it's wonderful if you like broccoli.  And rice.
(Sweetie doesn't care for either, so he gets the leftover chicken noodles tonight.)

Oh, also, I'd loaded a quilt on Big DD (the longarm),
and though the sun room 
looked so bright, warm and welcoming,
it was oxymoronically not warm and welcoming,
but freeeeezing out there today.
Which, no surprise, is due to the visiting Polar Vortex.
Another six inches of snow  so far today, another couple of inches tomorrow, and dropping temps again with highs in the negative range are what we have to look forward to this coming week.
though I'd planned on meandering along on Big DD,
I went back to connecting the
one inch squares to honeycombs
on my Lucy:
mylifeisastitch. BlogSpot . com
** Lucy Boston - Patchwork of the Crosses **
Week 3 of connecting the blocks with one inch squares.
(Why, oh why, did I wait 'til the end to do all the one inch squares?).

And, tomorrow,
maybe, like in my dream,
I'll clean a bathroom or two.


  1. l-o-v-e!! Is there a plan for connecting the blocks? I liked your plan of one block a week last year as it seemed very do-able. I'm still in the planning stages, so any hints are appreciated. Thanks, Marci

    1. Hello, Marci! Welcome to 'Lucy'! The plan of a block a week seemed and was doable for me - AND I had almost all of my blocks finished in a year! I do wish I had done the little connecting squares as I went along, though. All one color with no fussy-cutting is pretty monotonous. So, I have a new 'plan' to do my connectors... I'll have to share on my blog later, as this is getting very long :)
      Thanks for the love, and Happy Stitching!

  2. I love your Lucy. I am doing the Road 66 hexagon quilt, and I am trying hard to put the off white around the outsides before using up all of my "fun fabrics". I don't think we got the show they expected us to get today, but the cold is coming. Keep warm. This is good stitching weather.

  3. Funny! I've also dreamed the house was cleaned and then awakened. lol. Love how your Lucy in coming along too.

  4. A lesson to be learnt for me. Wont leave the 1" squares 'til last. Have made a couple of LB blocks and still deciding the best method re papers behind the fabric or use freezer paper or a fabric we get here in N.Z. gigli cloth ( fusible one side) calico thickness. This will give a good sharp hexagon that when seam allowance turned will adhere to the backing once ironed.Leave the gigli in.Will give body as well.Shirley N.Z.

    1. Hello Shirley! I was thinking that I'm going to have a whole bunch of gently used honeycomb papers pretty soon... if you'd be interested in them, send me an email!


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