Lucy Boston

Monday, January 20, 2014

three inches

Yes, more snow!!!
Three inches,
    and again,
                      and again -
in the last week.

There is more snow coming this week...
along with another Polar Vortex...
Yay for the snow! Not for the Polar Vortex.
I love the snow, but not the temps that stay waaaaaay below zero.

In honor of the many
three inch snows
hitting the neighborhood,
I've been stitching on some little blocks...
Blocks that are three inches!
These little 
3" Blocks of Fun 
are being offered
by one of the local quilt shops.
Every two weeks there's a
new, free pattern and fabric pack,
and each pack makes two blocks.
(If you don't make it into the shop
within the two week time period,
then the little pack is $2.)
(I'm using the 1" finished Thangle papers,
which makes all those
little half-square triangles a  Polar Vortex gust breeze.)
At the end of the 26 weeks
there will be a pattern and fabric finishing kit 
to add a roof
to each of these blocks.
And that is what drew me in...
little blocks + roofs =
little houses!

Here's a pic of my first-half blocks:
3" Blocks of Fun
Two blocks every other week
 Half way there!
(pack 13 had a bonus pattern & fabric)
Confession: I CAN NOT follow the rules...
though not pictured,
I've made some extra blocks along the way, :)
so my little quilt may finish a little bigger than the original.

Don't those 3" blocks look like so much fun?!?
Most of my friends think that these 3 inches are much better than
the 3 inches of snow that is coming again.
And again.
                     And again.

Hope you get to stitch a little today!


  1. Your little blocks are adorable! I've had enough of the snow long until spring? LOL

  2. Rule breaker here too! Well behaved women seldom make history. Great projects!

  3. are you crazy or what?! three inch blocks? and you are making extra?! love them! t in tx

    1. Hi, T in TX! Yep, that's me - crazy! I l-o-v-e working with small blocks and detail! Can't wait to get to the end of the 'program' though and get some roofing done!
      Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Your little blue and white blocks look like winter.


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