Lucy Boston

Thursday, January 2, 2014

counting, & winter wonderland again

Snow came to visit again today...
and it sure is a beautiful 4 to 6 inches!
I think it's a very nice way to welcome 2014,
and nice that I didn't have to go out and drive in it.
Nicer still that I could stay in and do some more hand stitchin'.
I have started stitching in my
'connecting squares'
for my Lucy Boston blocks!
My Life Is A Stitch . BlogSpot . com
Lucy Boston - Patchwork of the Crosses
with 'connecting squares'.
I'm using a steel-y blue/grey fabric
that is Quilters Linen by Robert Kauffman
I started cutting the little squares needed and
I count
(yes, that's my own personal OCD - counting)
16 - one inch squares needed per Lucy block.
My mind breaks it down to 4 each 
for the top and left sides of each block,
plus 2 for each of the four corners...
so that when all the blocks are done in this manner
they will abut nicely!
So, that's about 1000 -  little 1 inch squares
when you add in the final right and bottom sides.

I took the finished, muslin-bordered blocks and put them out across my bed, and just as I have been thinking, it will take 8 rows of 7 blocks each - for the total of 56 blocks.
So my 2013 goal of
one LUCY block a week
netted me 52 blocks,
and has me right where I thought I'd be
as I welcomed in 2014!!
(The remaining 4 blocks needed 
I will make after
I mock-position my finished blocks
to see if I need to "fill-in" a missing color way.)

So, that's my plan :)

And, now that I've counted all those one inch squares needed,
I'm wondering why I haven't been doing some of them all along...

Back to stitching (and counting :)
Hope you are having time to stitch in the New year, also!


  1. 1000! Enjoy. Grab a cup of hot chocolate and stitch with me. It's wicked outside

  2. So, is that a warning to us if we are planning on starting Lucy? I keep seeing blocks posted on pinterest that have no borders also. Is that the same warning? Thanks for sharing your pictures of blocks - they are so inspiring! T in TX

    1. T in TX - thanks for stopping by. Yes, I admit, that there is a warning in the post! I can't believe how monotonous it is doing all 1000 of the one-inch, same colored connecting squares at the end of this project! I can't imagine doing those 1000 AND all 1300+ border pieces too!


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