Lucy Boston

Sunday, February 28, 2010


How do you judge a retreat to be "successful"?
For me???
This is success:
comaraderie, food, solidarity, food, commonality, laughs, and laughs and laughs.
I had all of that and more!
Maybe not enough sleep,
but definately enough food.
And definatley enough of all of the rest of the prerequisites. 
But when I was doing my check list?
I forgot my floss for my Wool Crazy!!!
What's up with that?
So, I worked on the wedding quilt gift the entire time!
(Which was probably what I really needed to be working on anyway!)
Recognize this?

Yes, this is the book that I said is really
"fabulously quick-cut". 
NOT "fabulously quick-put-back-together"!

This is the quilt I have chosen - Anniversary Stars.  Yes, those are more half-square triangles. Yes, those are more bias squares.  Yes, I am feeling just a little tired of both half-square triangles and bias squares after the Snowball Quilt Challenge from this same book.
But it is another beautiful pattern. 
All in browns and creams, with dark brownish-blacks for the star points. And it uses up a lot more of those scraps that are in my life, which is also a good thing.
All of the blocks are done.
Not pressed, but all sewn.
That is a good feeling - the accomplishment of a project coming together.
So that is success in my book--
friendship, camaraderie, and LOTS laughs and LOTS of piecing.


  1. Debbie you are woman of my heart. You are so happy in what you do. Your love fills up from the inside out, not outside in. What spirit. I wish I quilted, but I think I'd better stick to writing. Hugs

  2. Welcome back! Your quilt is going to be lovely.


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