Lucy Boston

Sunday, June 6, 2010


My Sweetie --- he is sooooo sweet...
He came in the door Saturday night, at 5 o'clock,
with 32 QUARTS of strawberries
and one angel food cake...
So the ratio of strawberries to cake is a little skewed...
Aren't they beautiful???
And truth to be told,
I had a call asking if I wanted these gorgeous red Ohio berries,
so I knew they were coming.
Really not Sweetie's fault at all. 
The angel food cake though? 
That was Sweetie's fault. 

It's a good problem, isn't it?
Too many strawberries?
So a few hours later,
we (translate I) 
had "farmed out" half of the berries to a neighbor,
cleaned berries and dropped into quart bags for freezing,
made jam,
and made a shortcake. 
And, no, I really didn't need
the shortcake on top of the angel food cake,
but I like the angel food, and Sweetie likes the shortcake. 
And since he was kind enough to make the strawberry run,
I thought I would make him the shortcake
in my spare time,
in the midst of cleaning and prepping berries.
(but really, making the shortcake fit perfectly into the middle of stirring a batch of jam!)

So, by 8:30 p.m.
there were nine and a half quarts of jam
sitting pretty on the butcher block,
forty-eight cups of frozen berries,
and a good sized bowl of berries lightly sugared for eating. 
Soon, I was sitting in my chair, with my feet up,
eating a bowl of berries and a little slice of angel food cake,
while Sweetie was eating a bowl of shortcake
drenched with strawberries,
that was then drenched with milk. 
There was more than a little slurping going on in here, I can tell you. 

The moral of the story? 
Don't turn down 32 quarts of strawberries
at 5 o'clock on a Saturday night!
You don't know what abundance you're missing if you do!!!


  1. They sure do look yummy! Not much better than fresh June strawberries in Ohio! :0)

  2. We start getting our fruit share this week; I'm soooo ready for it.

  3. Yummmmmmmmy! Wish I had a sweetie like yours.

  4. Oh sound divine......where are pictures of all your fine efforts?
    I'm still waiting for strawberries in NY.......
    nothing like the smell of them is there???!!!


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