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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I have been busy...

Sometimes I just can't tell how busy I have been until I start posting the pictures of
last week's meanderings in thread...
The first is Aunt Mary's "Road Hog" commission - I think she could just keep making these and they would just keep going to new homes!  This is the fourth (?) I think.  She made the first as a donation for a fund-raiser for a local charity at Christmas time.  Now the peeps just keep coming out of the woodwork to get their own, since they didn't win in the drawing!!
  This was a gift from a mom to her daughter.  Very beautiful and very special fabrics!... Glenda asked me to quilt the center blocks, and she was doing her own thing in the outer border.
This is another from Billie.  I wish I knew how she was so proficient in getting these tops done - I need the secret!
Tonight is Woolly Wednesday - can't wait!
I have dedicated my 1st Wednesday night of the month to wool -
me and a few other gals. 
Yes, even if it is 89 degrees and humid, we will be working with our wool!
I DO have a few woolly things in the works....
which to choose?

Now, I am off to tend to the weeds,
I mean flowers...
No, weeds.
I will leave the flowers there!

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