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Monday, June 21, 2010

Welcome Summer

Summer is finally here!!!
Today is the summer equinox. 
(Don't tell my kids that I have eggs standing on end - they might still think I am weird!)
Although our central Ohio weather thought it/summer had already arrived.
Hot and steamy - just like it should be!

Last of the grad parties for this year were held over the weekend - they were all wonderful. 
My niece asked me to make "Amish pies" for her party ... you know, graduation pies!
Yes, I know that I am not Amish;
and so does she...
she just thinks that "we" cook like we are Amish! 
Friday afternoon and Saturday morn - well it was pie-baking time.
Some of those fresh picked/frozen tart cherries = three pies,
some of those fresh Ohio strawberries
& a trip to the rhubarb patch = one strawberry-rhubarb,
some fresh/frozen peaches from last summer's harvest = two pies,
some fresh/frozen blueberries = one pie
and some fresh apples = three pies.
Add one half-chocolate/half-white cake for 45 people.
What do you have? 
Enough dessert for a grad party!
Add a fresh, BBQ'd hog on the roaster, and Wallah!
I told you it was a good party!

Except for the part where I left my camera there!  
So no pics today! 

And, to finish off the weekend?
A little hand applique and machine piecing/sewing!
(little being the operative word!-pics at a later date.)
Working on a "BOW" - block of the week.
Yes, I may be crazy...
taking on a block of the week project.
But, I am now caught up.
At least until the mail comes Tuesday.
Aah, summer!

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