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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

the peach crate legacy

Quite a few years ago,
Sweeties' Grandma Ruth
wanted me to have
her peach crate.
Not just any peach crate, mind you.
But a peach crate that her sweetie - Frank,
had worked his magic on.
Grandpa Frank knew that his Ruth needed a way
to carry her baked goods
to the events she was "fixin' for"
(fixin' for also known as catering).
And when Grandma Ruth did catering,
well, she did it up right.
Home-made everything. 
And an abundance of everything. 
Including pies - lots of pies.
the 'peach-crate carrier',
magic added by her Sweetie.
He took an old peach crate, added a couple of bent pipe handles,
turned it on end, added some removable shelves and a slide out door.

Now, at the time
that she wanted to pass on her peach crate,
this made me sad.
In my mind, that meant that she knew
she was no longer able or wanted to
make all of those baked goods to take along.  
But she told me,
that, well,
she knew no one else in the family 
would have a use for the peach crate.
Who else besides herself and me
would have the need to
fill up the peach crate to take anywhere? 
I told her that I would surely use it
as it was intended,
and I would cherish the legacy
(this was said with tears in my eyes and throat).
Cherish the peach crate legacy with use.
Cherish the peach crate legacy with lots of baked goods.
Lots of pies - all homemade.
So, in remembrance
of Grandma Ruth (1913-2008)
for all the pies she made and carried 
and Grandpa Frank (1912-2010)
for all the magic he put into making her a carrier...
I present:
the peach-crate legacy
in all it's glory - filled bottom to top:

Be truthful here.
How many people do you know
that would have the need
to carry nine pies
all at one time?

Thanks, Grandma Ruth and Grandpa Frank -
thanks for the legacy.
It's a happy/sad!

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