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Monday, June 14, 2010

stuff in the road

It has been crazy with big ole' storms here in Ohio lately...
they roll through unexpectedly and create havoc - lots of high winds, lightening struck trees, flooding and general chaos from road closures. 
Road closures because of the flooding, downed trees, and power outages. 
you know, stuff in the road...
(note to self: buy more candles)
Anyway, I don't like to have my quilting machine plugged in during these storms. 
We always are having power outages even if there's not a storm in the area, and I don't want to get the electronics "fried" in my HQ when the storms are rolling through!  So, Big DD has been having a break, and
therefore, the meandering has suffered!
Only a couple to show from last week:
The first is a memory quilt that was a re-do...
I didn't do the first quilting, just did the re-do part...hope she likes it!
and the next is a great one for Loretta.

I think this is from a mystery night at the LQS-
again, the colors in my picture are not true.
The quilt is a great teal and almost a brickie-red.
Not what my pic looks like at all, huh?
Trust me, it's a good one!
I have another quilt loaded now, waiting for this morn's storm to blow through.

The end of this week
the National Quilt Association Show comes to town,
so I want to get A LOT done so I can go downtown
to check it out and not feel quilty-guilty about taking the day off!

On a different but same note:
graduations and stuff in the road!
Don't you just love graduations?!
This is the picture for all my graduation cards this year:

will be

What do you think?  Good? Lame? Indifferent?
At first this was just going to be for family-member grads,
but I like it well enough that it is going to be a printed card
and kept in my card stash!
I know, it's just weird enough that it expresses ... me!
And I think it's a good message.

OK, back to the sewing!
and stuff in the road!
Hope your week is enjoyable, too.

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