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Friday, June 25, 2010

relief and the baby dinosaur

How do you spell relief???
c - a - m - e - r - a!

I am no longer having camera withdrawal...
That was a LOOOOONNNNNGGGG three days! ha
I even had to take a couple of picks with my cell phone - like that was helpful!  Those pics are soo small and very few pixels, so not a good quality.  Anyway...
Here are the few pics that I didn't/couldn't share earlier:
The pitting of nine quarts of cherries:
The "pitter" - a.k.a. my thumbnail

The ''fruits of labor":

the culprit that caused the oven to burn: 

"Amish" pies for graduation:

Nine of the pies in the 'peach crate carrier''
(read about the peach crate legacy by clicking on the link above).

the graduation spread:

Desserts first, of course, 'cause that's how we roll!
Then the second and main courses:

And lastly,

Really, that is a baby dinosaur!
It came to the grad party!
It flew in and stayed for just a while,
walking around the rim of a cup.
Then it had to fly.  More parties to hit, you know.
'Cause that is what makes a great party,
don't you know?
When the dinosaurs show up.
You now you've hit the big leagues in grad parties
when they put in an appearance!
Congrats to all the grads!
I wish you dinosaurs in your lives...
that and lots of pies!

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