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Thursday, June 17, 2010


I totally forgot to post this great quilt picture last week!  (the quilt is great, not the picture.)
Sorry, Helen!
This is a queen-sized beauty that is machine-pieced blocks within the hearts, with machine applique floral borders.  I wish I had taken a close-up pic of the quilting, though.  Not because of the quilting, but because of what Helen chose to have quilted around the hearts and in the borders. 
She had me quilt this meandering Ohio Rose-like flower with a leafy-heart-continuous line in the rose colored border, and a smaller version in the white triangles of the heart stripes, then echo quilting in the floral stripes. 
You can click on the picture, and then click on that frame again and kind of see the pattern she chose to have quited into it.  A great choice for quilting!, and a beautiful quilt.  Thanks, Helen, for letting me be a part of your quilt!  I  L O V E it!

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