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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

family sewing

There were a couple of cuties over yesterday.
We finished up some more sewing. 
The gal is working on her first lap quilt.  She is 10 and is loving sewing and making her own project her own!
The guy - he's the one that informed me that "time does fly";
he's nine, and he made sure he was back over to finish his pillow,
as it is a Father's Day gift for his Daddy. 
He does not look particularly happy here because,
I made him stop to take a picture.
He was finished with his sewing, 
and he wanted to go back out and pick some more cherries!
Check out the cherries that got picked with Sweeties' help:

Aren't they beauties?
Now to get some black under my nails and clean me some cherries!

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