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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

back to the meandering swing...

I sure have been enjoying
the snow and cold weather we've been having...
I know, I'm weird that way...

Lots of snow
and blowing
and drifting
and plowing. 
Well, not me plowing,
but Sweetie bundled up quite a few times
in the last couple of weeks to head out with the tractor!

My long-arm machine is back from the "spa". 
Poor Big DD,
she still has an issue with the rear handlebar wiring,
but is usable,
so here are the latest meanderings:

The first is for Always in Stitches,
it's an upcoming class from the book:
Double Take: Quilts With That Hopscotch Twist
and is a shower curtain!
Don't you love it???!!!
It's pictured on it's side -
the black/white print goes on the top and bottom. 
So pretend you walked into a book store
tilt your head to the left! :)

 And, second is a quilt of Andrea's...
I think this is only her second quilt! 
She's great at fabric choice, isn't she?  Love it, too!

Hope you are enjoying your winter,
and Happy Stitching!

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