Lucy Boston

Friday, January 7, 2011

Weird post

Yes, I will start out by warning
that this is a
totally weird post...
OB Tampons.
Or, more correctly,
the total absence of OB Tampons...

This story could fall into the realm of Too Much Information,
and if you feel so, I apologize in advance...
but as a quilter, well, you'll see.

I personally use the OB Tampon.
I like the fact that there is no plastic trash from an applicator going into the landfills.  I like the fact that there is less energy being used to manufacture this product because it has no type of applicator to be made.
I have used this product all of my menstruating life - so for a long time.

Recently, while shopping, I tried to stock up, and
guess what?  No OB's on the shelf.
Stopped at another store...none there either.
Stopped at two pharmacies - ditto.
No OB Tampons in the metropolitan area!

At the last local pharmacy, I asked the pharmacist
about the total emptiness of the OB's shelf...

He informed me that it was a manufacturing issue...
and I could check it out online with the FDA: 

The pharmacy tech said that
she heard it was a
COTTON issue...

"Cotton?" I ask... knowing that she knows I am a quilter...
"Didn't you hear about the cotton shortage?" she replies.

As quilters, we have heard about the lack of cotton being produced, and the rising cost of our cotton fabrics and battings that we love to use for our hobby and our livelihoods. 

This cotton production deficit
is being blamed on the floods,
 shortage of workers,
the high cost of fuel, and
the subsequent cost of shipping
the said cotton products.

And, now, the lack of OB Tampons?!

I had to purchase something else besides OB tampons.
Not liking it. Period! (no pun intended).


  1. Thanks, Joanne! And to Annonymous, I warned you!

  2. Deb,
    I was in the grocery today and was in the isle of the womenly products and even noticed there is no OB's there either!

    I must say this made me giggle!


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