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Friday, January 28, 2011


are good for the soul,
or something like that,
I've been told...

My confession: 
My sewing studio looked like a bomb had gone off in it.

two secondary explosions happened-
one in the cutting table area,
the other in the opposite corner around the ironing board.

It wasn't quite to the hoarding stage,
but it was getting questionable, that's for sure.

What the heck happened in there?

I probably should have taken a picture
and shared with you to make myself see the full disaster -
you know,
like when you take a picture of
the layout of quilt pieces
to see how they look from a different vantage point?.
That would have probably scared a few of you off :)))!

I think that's exactly why I didn't take a "before" picture -
it would have really scared me!

So, the root of the problem? 
I think just trying to get too many things done,
all at the same time...
and not stopping or pausing to take a breath
(and maybe not trying to at least
push the leftover scrap stack
toward some semblance of order
before moving on to the next 10 things...).

after sitting in many positions on the floor
and at the front of the table
and the back side of the table,
with many stacks of "stuff" around me,
for many hours
the other day,
it's looking up, baby!

And now I can see the floor
and the top of the sewing table
and the cutting table
and the front of the closet door,
and the etc, etc, etc,.
I have found all three of the rotary cutters.
The rulers are all back in their little wooden corral.
Fabric has been sorted
and folded
and stacked
and color-coordinated
and put on shelves.

I even ran a dust cloth over a couple of things.
And, I put a little polish on it before hand,
so now it smells fresh and clean in there, too.

I confess,
I do feel better already, just sharing that!

Thanks for listening reading.

And now,
a whole weekend
stitching for me!
I can't wait!
And, yes, I'll try to keep the chaos under control...

Hope you can take the time to stitch a little too!

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