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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

part one of a two part story

As I am taking down the pathetic attempt at Christmas decorating this year,
I realized that I have a Tree Collection. 

There are two parts to that sentance that I'd like to address...

First, Pathetic Decorating
second, Tree Collection.

Today I'd like to address the FIRST part:   
Pathetic Decorating

I realized that the decorating this year was lame
as I was doing it or not doing it as the case would be. 
Just too little time spent
on getting all the boxes out and re-arranging furniture. 

But what brought it home was sonny boy. 
He brought his girlfriend and her daughter over for a couple of fun times,
and I then realized that I was lacking in the Decor Department. 
Little kids have the excitement in them all of the time. 
And I usually do. 
Sometimes too much so. 
That's how I got all of the collected stuff
that I normally decorate with.

I will try
to put the little kid excitement
back into my everyday life...

I will put fresh fruit in my glass of ice water...
because I like it and it's fruity and fun.
I will laugh out loud every day, multiple times.
I will take the time to cut out paper snowflakes,
so I can have snow anytime I want it.

I will take a different path to work
or the library or the barn...
not just straight there and back.
I will take the fork in the road:

I will stitch a little every day -
 hand or machine or just cutting something out to sew tomorrow.

Will you join me in taking a different path?
A path we will skip down?

See you tomorrow!
Tomorrow I will address the second part of the equation:  Tree Collection.


  1. Hi Debra,

    Love your post! I did a simpler Christmas too. I had my husband set up the tree and lights. And I made the kids spend 10 minutes each and we just threw the ornaments on the tree....well we really didn't throw them...but you know what I mean. I set out about 6 sets of lights around the house and we were good to go. I don't think the kids minded...just as long as there is lots of food around!

  2. I so want to do this too! I don't want to take the same path...I've seen how it turns out. I want to take a different path and see how I turn out! blessings, marlene


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