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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Part two of a two part story

The SECOND part of the story:

I didn't know that I HAD a Tree Collection. 
Don't know how or why it happened.

Who has a Tree Collection
And why? 
not necessarily
small things
to collect.
So, on to the story:
The real tree this year was a (partial) family ride out to the boonies,
a tractor pulled hay ride out even further
and a saw and drag affair that ended with this:

Then, not very many ornaments made the tree - just popcorn and cranberries and lots of lights, a star for the top and a couple of old quilts wrapped around the base.  I thought it was beautiful.
But as I am taking down what I thought was my pathetic attempt at decor, I realize that it's not really pathetic at all.
I'm going with tastefully sparse.
That's a trend, minimalistic,
and I think I'm going with it.

So, the second tree I am taking down is a favorite of mine -  (yes, I dusted after I took the picture!)
I made it with real goose feathers many years ago.  I made it when I had been to an auction and saw an old feather tree go for way too much, in my opinion.  But I liked it and decided I would learn something new that year:  feather tree making.  I put on all of the old ornaments that I had collected, a few of which are family ornaments.  A couple of them are cracked or missing pieces, but I still like them.  I figure  flawed doesn't mean trashed.  
Then, I had a few bazillion feathers left from the two pound bag (which was the minimum you know how many feathers are in two pounds!?!!!), so I made a "flat" feather tree for a specific space in my decorating:  It has mini ornaments, new and old.

Next down, I was given a "fake feather" tree that I love, so I carved some mini counter-weight candles and added some little tin molds to make this a very rustic tree.

Then, there is this little one, I made it with a spool and some thread and a twig and some little clumpy greenery on a wire, then added a tin star.

Next down:
A little Candy Cane tree.  This was something that I saw at a local quilt shop, and told myself that I didn't need, but if it was there next time I was in, that it was meant to be mine.  Almost a month later (ok, just two and a half weeks), it was still there, so it came home with me (thank you, Good Wives!)

Then, there is this collection of these little trees: 
single brush bottle-brush tree,
many brush bottle-brush tree,
miniature clay tree,
white feather tree,
antique (train collection) tree from Germany...

All of these trees....
as I put them away,
made me realize
that I now have
a Tree Collection!

These trees make me smile,
and that makes me want to skip. 
So, it fits right into my plan...
the part of this two part story...
that shows the happiness and eagerness of a child.

Will you join me in skipping happily through this year?

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