Lucy Boston

Sunday, January 16, 2011

hint: the Jo project

On my Snow Day/Sew Day
I cut a bunch of one inch strips.
And this is the project
that I worked on as it snowed and snowed.
 And snowed some more! :)

The Concentric Log Cabin
from the book
"Small Quilts with Vintage Charm".
I saw this small quilt at a LQS,
and they had a great kit at a great price. 
And I thought I had the book, so I bought the kit. 

Not something that I usually do - buy a kit...
But I thought the price was right -
and I loved the fabrics and colors they had chosen.
And I added some more
of my own reds and tans and creams
from my stash
to cut into one inch strips.

Then I started looking for the book...
I guess I no longer had it.
I'm sure I used to...
I don't know if someone borrowed it
or I donated it to the local guild for their fundraising sale.

I called all the LQSs and no one had the book.
I called my Quilting Conspiracy Buddies
 (QCB-that's another story for another day) and no one had the book.
I got online and found the book at a not so LQS.
So I ordered it...the book.
And, of course, I had to add some fabric to the order!
So the book wouldn't
feel all lonely
in the box as it shipped cross country...
you know what I'm saying?


  1. You are pathetic at justifying why you bought material! :-)

  2. FYI - Comment #1 Anonymous will pick you up Tuesday morning for a FART (Fabric Acquisition Road Trip) to Good Wives.

  3. Well, Anonymous, I certainly am ready for a FART trip - and you know WE all need more fabric! I'll be sure to twist your arm as much as you twist mine. Tuesday it is!


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