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Monday, January 10, 2011

Quilts, the end of 2010

I saved a couple of quilt photos that I did the end of last year...
yes, last year already!...
The first pic is a quilt I made
 from the fabric line
"a Kitten's Tale by Red Rooster".
 It was supposed to be 60" by 60",
but I changed up the borders, so it finished at 72 inches square,
and I quilted it with a loopy flower pattern.
It was a gifty-gift for a sweet little four year old girl. 
And she loved it!

Next pic is my
Snowball Challenge (& fabric swap) quilt
from last year. 
The top was finished within the time frame of the challenge...
last January!
Don't know why I waited, but....I finally quilted it. 
And, I stitched the binding to it on the drive out of state this past week.
It's really a big one (I think 90+" square)...
(I added to the pattern by adding rows to complete the pattern of the stars,
then added another row of creams/whites
so the star points didn't touch the red binding).
(I think I'll re-take the pic

with the quilt on the bed to show the borders hanging evenly.)

Here's a pic of the backing - a great red on cream,
I think a Jennifer Chiaverini print?
Anyway, I, too, love my quilt. 

I named it "Snowballs and Snow Swirls"....
snowballs for the pattern
and snow swirls for the quilting I did on it.
Here's the new pic...
sorry it's tilted and looks like the whole bed is going to slide out of the picture...
When I was taking the photo, I thought this angle would show more of the quilt...
instead, it looks like it's sliding and the quilt is not on the be evenly. :) hang on!

Anyway, I washed the quilt,
using even more of those great little color-catcher sheets!, 
and, yes,
 it bled again,
and it crinkled up oh-so-nicely, and
I really love it.
Thanks, Allyson and Nicole for the snowball challenge.

More finishes to share at a later date!

How are your projects coming along???
Hope you can stitch a little today...


  1. Wow! You made your snowball quilt big! I love what you did on the edge to make the stars show. Wish I had done that but I'm not making this quilt again so it is what it is. I loved having it out at Christmas.

  2. Beautiful quilts....and I love that backing fabric! blessings, marlene


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