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Thursday, January 13, 2011

maybe I should buy a lottery ticket

Another win!!!
I can't believe it!
I just received another envelope in the mail box!
This great packet came from Buttermilk Basin.
This is the kit that I won!... to make a snowman mitten!
Look at all of this yummy wool!

I followed a  blog hop:  Home for the Holidays -
and this group of designers shared a cookie recipe
AND a free pattern
a couple of times a week, November into December.
(I grabbed this pic from Stacy's blog: Buttermilk Basin-
that's her cute pattern and her cookies!)
Isn't it the cutest!!!

 Stacy emailed that she was feeling yucky after the holidays
so understandably was a little late in mailing out the goodies. 
Because she was a little tardy in mailing out the winnings,
she added even more goodies to the winnings:

Thanks, Stacy, for all of the loot! 
 Glad to hear you are on the mend!
And, thanks, girls for the great
 Home for the Holidays Blog Hop.

I am seriously thinking I should buy a lottery ticket...
More cuteness!


  1. What an awesome win Debra!! I just love that snowman mitten! It is the cutest!! Have fun making it.

  2. Deb, the snowman mitten is the cutest thing...have fun making it...I miss seeing u


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