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Friday, January 21, 2011

snowing and blowing

Last Tuesday,
I was fabric-napped
by a friend or two and made got to go to a LQS...
Yeah, they really had to twist my arm!  not...

This would be a good time to mention
the Quilting Conspiracy Buddies...
They planned the FART...(Fabric Acquistion Road Trip).
They drove about an hour to get to me,
then we drove another 40 minutes to get to the LQS.
Really, I can't blame them for a single thing -
I did my "acquisition thingy" by myself!

And we made the whole trip before the
ice and freezing rain came to visit on Wednesday.

Thursday, 6 to 7 inches of snow
came into the neighborhood.
Most schools sent the kids home early,
before the worst of the storm hit.

Today, Friday, the wind chill came to visit.
The wind chill was brought into the area by it's
friend the wind.
Sounds like they will both stay awhile.

I'm going back to my cave studio.
If I get the sewing machine whirring fast enough,
maybe it will create a little extra heat to ward off the chill!

Here's a peek at the "acquisitions" for A Path to the Civil War...
Stuff I got when my arm was twisted:
 Stuff I already had.
And, a nice tea for when the wind really picks up...
Good timing, don't you think?
Some new fabrics and project
just in time for
the snowing and blowing.

Happy Stitching!

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