Lucy Boston

Sunday, January 30, 2011

unfinished business

So, here's my ironing board after "The Clean".

Each one of those stacks
is a project in progress. 
Like they are waiting for a boarding pass, or something...
AKA:  U.F.O.

I was going to put them into
nice little zippy project bags. 
Or plastic storage briefcases-
-like the one that's leaning on the door...
and stack them,
oh, so orderly,
on the shelf in the closet.

Then I decided,
I know me...
Out of sight
out of mind.

Then they would never get finished. 

Most of them need just a few blocks added.
something minor like that.

They are going to stay right there ...
on the ironing board...
and look at me.

From the ironing board,
they will make their presence known.

And hassle me
just enough
to make me finish up
the little bits of stitching they each need.

That will put them into the

The Waiting to Be Quilted Area...
Boarding area...

Hope you can stitch a little today

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