Lucy Boston

Thursday, February 25, 2010

trip around the sun

A new year, 2010... 
The start of a new decade (the tens?). 
Another trip around the sun. 
Another trip around the sun starts for me today...
It has been a great ride so far. 
So many great people are in my life. 
So many great laughs and tears (happy and sad). 
So many great years.
So many great decades.
I don't make those resolution thingys. 
But I do keep a promise. 
(Which I guess could be construed as a resolution....nah) 
Anyway, I was thinking about my "Out-loud promise" to my Great Grandma B. 
My "learn something new every year" promise. 
(If you missed this whole out-loud promise info, check it out here.) 
Here's a quick review: 

When I was just a little girly,
my Great-Grandma B made me promise, out-loud,
to learn something new every year. 
She said that women were under-rated and under-appreciated,
and WE could do something about that
(She might have been pointing her quilting needle at me at the time,
punctuating her emphatic-ness, I don't remember!).
(yes, emphatic-ness is a word)
So, I made that out-loud promise. 
Out-loud to myself, and out-loud to Great-Grandma B. 
Sometimes I think ahead
to try and come up with something
I would like to learn to fulfill that promise. 
Most of the time it just sneaks into my life
and I realize that I just learned my "something new" for the year.

There are SOOOO many things to learn. 
So many things to try. 
So many things to finish
(among other things:  quilts, quilts, more quilts).
I don't want to waste the time I am given. 
I think that things happen for a reason. 
We ask the good Lord above for guidance. 
And we receive. 
Sometimes we receive exactly what we asked for. 
Sometimes we receive exactly what we didn't ask for, but needed. 
Most of the time we receive what we need,
but don't know why we needed it until much, much, later.

Because it's time for my 51st trip around the sun to begin,
I've been thinking about another great opportunity
to learn something new again this year. 

To fulfill my promise. 
To myself. 
To Great-Grandma B.

What shall it be, what shall it be?


  1. Happy Birthday!! Love the idea and challenge of learning something new every year. Great-Grandma B must have been some gal!

  2. Happy (belated?) Birthday, Deb! May it be bountiful in all ways.


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