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Saturday, November 7, 2009

"Kookie, Kookie, lend me your....

....lend me your......".  Forget that part, just the second line, as the old song would say:         I "have smog in my noggin'".  I have been told "I have smog in my noggin'", because I'm a little out of control when I bake sometimes (I won't name names here!)             I     L O V E  to bake.  These are cut-out cookies made with my favorite sugar cookie recipe.  The recipe has sour cream in it, so it's a little sticky to work with while you are cutting out the cookies.  But sooooo worth it because the cookies stay nice and soft and moist.  They are so good it's hard to keep people out of them and hard to get them to last through the week.  I used an air brush to spray the color on  after they were iced.  The color is food grade and I like it because it's not a saturated color that has a funny taste from way to much food coloring in the icing.
But I will warn you, these cookies are temptingly delicious, so.......

I bake quite a few:
and then I package them on colorful fall paper plates and wrap them in pretty cello bags and freeze them to pull out as needed.  About a dozen to a plate.  Aren't they pretty all lined up and waiting to be wrapped.  The freezing is good in that it helps you be able to bake ahead and getting the mess cleaned up and out of the way before a party or holiday gathering.  It also is a major help in portion control! (Ha, who needs portion control?  No, not me!)  You know, out of sight, out of mind, right?  Back to these cookies...I just counted the plates of cookies.  17.  A dozen cookies on each plate.  17 dozen.  Ok, I do have smog in my noggin'!  Way too many cookies, even for a smog-noggin'ed Kookie!
Maybe I'll share...............

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  1. Hi Debra, Julie in the Barn here. What a clever lady you are with those super looking cookies. I bet they taste scrumptious, too. I'm dropping by to tell you that your swap package arrived safe & sound in California. Unlike you, I have no self control and ripped it open immediately. I am just delighted with the fabrics and the added bonus of the beautiful strip of red. Thank you so much. You are a sweetie.


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