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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Anticipation...of snow

Snowball Challenge, of course!!!
I have finally taken the time to open all my envelopes from my swap partners in the the Snowball Quilt Challenge!  They had been sitting around here for at least a week, staring at me from the stand beside my stitching chair.  I could hear them calling and calling.  So I gave in...what a glorious time!  So many nice fabrics, so much inspiration!  Even a few little surprises! 
I told myself that I was saving them all to open at one time to build anticipation.  And it most certainly did build anticipation! 
But, in all honesty?  I wanted to tear into them like the Coyote tore into the Acme Packages when he was after the Road Runner.   It was torture, and all because I  really have no self-control when it comes to starting another project when I have a bazillion other projects already in the works!!!
I should have known better. 
I DID know better! 
So, guess what I did today? 
Yep, you guessed it:  I made some snowballs. 
The temperature was dropping, and the flakes started falling,
and pretty soon, I was sitting in the middle of a snow flurry. 
And what do you do when you have all that fabric snow around? 
Well, of course, you make snowballs!!! 
And I am ashamed to admit all the other projects that I have going on at the same time.  I'm afraid to count, so I really don't know the true number myself!
It's like the time at guild that they started an UFO challenge for the year.  To participate, you had to make a list *in writing* of all of your UFOs and give the list to the leader of the challenge.  I figured this would be a good incentive.  Make the list of UFOs, turn it in, and every month bring in a finished UFO or two and get credit for marking something off your written list.  There were even prizes involved!  So I started my list.  Started with the UFOs that were the most complete.  That was THREE.  They just needed binding and or labels.  Then there were the TWO on the design wall, kind of overlapping each other: one was a wedding gift, one was a memory quilt.  Then there was the list of baby quilts for babies already born.  At the time that number was FIVE.  Then count the babies still coming: TWO.  Then I pulled out the project boxes.  You know, those plastic square organizers that snap shut and help keep you thinking you have some semblance of order in your life?  That was FOUR.  Then there were some stacks of fabric gathered together that had patterns or book with them. One was the new quilt for my bed, one had a sketch for my daughters' under-grad quilt....that's were I stopped counting...that's where I started to get the feeling that this UFO challenge thingy was maybe NOT such a good idea for my personal morale.  In fact, this could be down right depressing if I let it!  And I didn't EVEN add to the count the hand-stitching projects in various stages of completeness.  Yep, enough of THAT.  Didn't need to do the UFO challenge.  Didn't even need to keep the written list that I started.
And, I think that's why I am putting off giving the studio a good cleaning...too scary! Might have to start counting again!
Anyway, so here I am, sitting in the middle of a pile of snow balls....and lovin' it.  And I just want to say a Great Big Thanks to all the gals who sent me wonderful fabrics to add to this project:  Katy, Julie, JenniferChris, Esther, and Kathy.  And an even  Bigger Thank You to Allyson and Nicole for putting this challenge together.  I am loving it every l-i-t-t-l-e bit.  All the cutting and sewing and pressing and trimming.  All of the little half-square triangles (I'm not going to tell you how many that I need).  And, I am not feeling even a little bit quilty-guilty that I am working on a new something when I have I don't know how many other old-somethings that I could be doing!

Enjoying the weather, and anticipation of snow!!!
Did you stitch a little today??


  1. I'm with you on the UFO list! It is daunting. And I couldn't wait to start in on the Snowballs either! It may even get finished before the Christmas Tree UFO from 1990 that remains on my UFO list.

  2. I have yet to make a snowball! I have fabric cut and I have made a few HST's but no blocks! I have Christmas on my mind and I want to get some presents done that I am working on so I think this is going to wait. I will never meet the deadline! Work and life just get in the way but it's in a good way so I am just doing it all as calmly as I can at this point in my life.

  3. Can't wait to see some pictures of those snowballs! :)


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