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Monday, November 9, 2009

humming along and The Snowball Challenge and Fabric Swap

It is said that a picture can say a thousand words:
This picture may be screaming thousands and thousands of words.
This is a "waiting list" of quilts in anticipation of Christmas gifting.
I know, not really a "list" but me and my list-making, so a pictoral list!
The dark green bags in this "list line" have multiple quilt tops and backs in them.  So count each of them as three!!
Daunting, I say, daunting.
So "DD", the HQ machine has been "humming along".
Not only has DD been humming along, but so are the days on the calendar.
ONLY SIX AND A HALF WEEKS UNTIL CHRISTMAS!!!! What happened to the months of October and most of November? 
Here are a few more pics of tops recently quilted:

^ Sharon's

< Judy's

DD is humming along, AND the calendar is humming along.  So I suppose that means I am humming along, too!

The Snowball Challenge and Fabric Swap:

I received two more fabric swap packages today!!!!
Thanks to Julie and a mystery person! (The second envelope today had no return address and I couldn't read the city cancellation mark or Zip, so a true surprise!  But it sure feels like squishy fabric!).
I am having a great time with this and it has just barely started.  I also have been told that I am easily amused, and I have to agree.  Really, each envelope contains just three,  five-inch strips of fabric, so no big deal, but still......look at these little packages.  I'm smiling big right now just holding them and in anticipation of which fabrics my swap-mates chose.  And just thinking about opening them when I have all six in my possession...that will be a great day!
I am still trying to not open them until I receive all 6, so two more to come! 
Thanks ladies!  You are making my days!

Another reason to hum along! 

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  1. I just read on Chris's blog about how you're waiting for all six envelopes to arrive before opening them. WOW! You are amazing. I could never pull that off. I ripped into each of mine before I even got out of the post office. Sometimes I even had drool going on. Small kids ran to their moms in terror. Ok, so maybe it wasn't that bad. But again, kudos to you for holding out. I hope you enjoy all the anticipation and waiting when you finally sit down to open all six packages.


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