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Sunday, November 8, 2009

More flimsies not flimsies anymore


Isn't this a great one?  She asked for little butterfly stitching.  I really like it.

This was a row of the month club.  I really like it too.  The colors are perfect.

This one is a cutie - sorry I couldn't get the picture top side up!  And the one after that is by the same gal.  She is almost ready for gifting now!

This one is great; I tried to talk her into gifting it to me. She didn't go for it! Imagine!!

Now some of my stuff: 

"Over the River and Through the Woods", a pattern by Crabapple Hill.  I did all the hand stitching, red-work (black-work?) early this year.  It's awaiting it's turn very patiently for it's time with "DD", the quilting machine.

And, finally, progress on the Kathy Schmitz:  "Ring in the New": 

A few more things off my lists, commissioned and personal.  (I am trying to get things sort of caught up so I can start my Snowball Challenge quilt!!!!!)     Also, I picked up something for my mama's birthday, so that's in the mail for tomorrow.
Happy Birthday, Mom!

All around a good weekend!

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