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Saturday, November 21, 2009


Not even Thanksgiving yet, but the count-down to Christmas has begun: in the grocery, in the mall with decor, on the radio and on the television.  So that brings meanderings through the stores, and the advertisements and the cookbooks.    Meandering through the holidays - finishing up shopping, cleaning, cooking, decorating, visiting. 
The count-down to Christmas is also in the minds of folks who want quilts quilted for Christmas....a whole lot of quilts.  That means meanderings in thread, too...finding patterns to stitch that go along with the fabric chosen.  Stitches that look like little puzzle pieces, butterflies, flowers, little loops and curls, wind, flames, paw prints and bones, feathers - elegant and traditional, feathers - loopy and free. 

I like the word meanderings. It means random, indirect, twisty, winding and roundabout.   It sounds...enjoyable.  The word meanderings sounds much more relaxed and calm than others that I could choose to describe this time of year.  Other words like hectic, frenzied, frantic, chaotic,  and wild.   We won't go there, though, will we???  At any time we start to even think those negative words during this merry season, we will immediately calm ourselves by saying out loud:  "meanderings... calming, soothing meanderings.  Meandering with a purpose". 

Meandering on cloth is calming and soothing and relaxing to me.  Meandering through the stores, cookbooks, shopping, wrapping, parties, and anything else that needs to be done can be calm and relaxed also - it's in the attitude.   And I think it would be a  good way to go through the whole holiday season -- just meandering - meandering with a purpose!

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