Lucy Boston

Thursday, November 26, 2009

brined, sliced, diced,

brined, sliced, diced, carved, chopped, juilenned, shredded, minced, peeled, pared, cored, pureed,  basted, clarified, creamed, kneaded, raised, buttered, blanched, cooked, dredged, baked, boiled, broiled, roasted, simmered, sauted, browned, fried, glazed, deglazed, caramelized, measured, melted, warmed, steamed, drained, strained, skimmed, whipped, mashed, smashed, mixed, stuffed, thickened, folded, rouxed, chilled, sauced, dressed, seasoned, garnished, prayed, plated, served, ate, ate, ate,  WHEW!
We are blessed, aren't we?


  1. Dear Anon:
    no, not tired...ok, maybe a little. More thankful and happy.
    Another great November with family and friends.
    Now on to December!
    Thanks for stopping and visiting!


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