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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Turkeys, Butter Turkeys

Butter Turkeys?
Inquisitive minds want to know... 
Butter Turkeys were referenced in one of my recent posts, in a comment from a follower, when I was having a give-away: 
So here's the scoop:
One year for Thanksgiving dinner I made molded-butter turkeys.
I let 3 pounds of butter come to room temperature.
I got out some old chocolate molds and dug through them.
After a few minutes of hard thinking, I decided on the turkey mold.
A three-dimensional standing turkey with tail feathers spread in full glory.
I carefully spread and packed the soft butter into each half of the turkey mold, checking carefully for air bubbles against the surface of the clear plastic mold.
I put the two mold halves together and clipped them with large paper clips.
I put the butter-filled mold onto a plate and set it into the fridge.
I removed the plate and turkey mold after about a half hour.
I then removed the paper clips and popped off the back half of the plastic turkey mold.
Then I popped off the front half of the plastic turkey mold.
WaLaa!!  Beautiful turkey butter! 
I carefully repeated the process for the next few hours. 
I then plated each of the six inch turkeys on a very nice china plate and put little sprigs of herbs around the base of each. 
They were beautiful-butter turkeys in all their butter glory.
I then put these beautifully plated and decorated standing butter turkeys on all the pre-set tables: linen table clothes, napkins, the works.
My dear family arrived...
My dear family.
My dear family just cracked up when they saw the butter turkeys lined down the middles of the beautiful tables.
My dear family just laughed and laughed.
Laughed until they had tears in their eyes.
And with each group of arrivals, it started all over again!
These butter turkeys just struck them as funny...
looking at them while they were eating,
which body part of the butter turkey would go on whose dinner roll,
still laughing uncontrollably.
So every year, the first thing asked as my dear family comes in the door is "where are the butter turkeys?"

Some people just don't appreciate culinary effort!!

So, today is another family Thanksgiving dear family...let's see what I can do this year to keep them smiling!  More supreme culinary effort!!
Happy Thanksgiving and smiles to all.


  1. haa - you made me laugh out loud!!!

  2. Thanks anon! Smiling is good!
    Thanks for taking the time to stop by.
    Hope your weekend was great.


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