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Wednesday, November 4, 2009


The puzzle.  The mystery.  The riddle.  The problem.  Conundrum.....
I am not a worrier.  I don't stew over things, usually.  I think I must be just the right amount "naive".  I just don't let "things" bother me. 
So......many tasks probably should come first, but if they don't, the world won't stop spinning. 
Examples:  laundry & dishes & dusting & vacuuming, you know, fun stuff. 
I will tell you in confidence...I did not dust this week.  Nor did I dust last week.  Not even the week before I think.  And cobwebs?  They are around.  Yeah,  if it's a really big cobweb I'll take it down instead of walking through it.  I figure, if it really bothers someone else, I can show them where the duster is! 

I think, from personal experience, that life is too short to be all about worries and making sure things are spotless.
Now, I don't don't want to give the wrong impression.  I am not living in a pig sty.  I always almost always know where things are.  There are socks to wear, and spoons for soup, and I love to cook, so most of the time the shelves in the fridge are full. 
After all of that:  MY CONUNDRUM?
Which quilting project to start/finish first in no particular order: 
A:  I signed up for the "Snowball quilt challenge" (thanks Nicole!) ( ) so fabric washed, pressed, cut and ready to send on to fellow swappers & start making my snowballs.
B:  I have the new line of Rouenneries/French General fabric in my sweaty little paws. I swear it's callin':  "Start me, start me!"
C:  13 quilt tops awaiting my hand-guided meandering -I am keeping close to the two week turn-around :)
D:  "Crazy Christmas" (by Lynette Anderson) quilt applique and piecing
E:  LQS shop sample: Ring in the New" (by Kathy Schmitz)" for sit & stitch this Thursday p.m. (which I am leading)

There, that's not really too many, is it?  I am, of course, leaving off many things that could be on that list, but, hey, not important. you recognize this?
I washed up some fabric. These are color catchers. See all the color caught? Lots of red fabrics!
Then, see the the stuff in the next picture?
These are special  packages for special people.  Ready to stuff into envelopes and drop in the mail tomorrow a.m.
See the note listed above as item A?  Yep, you're right...fabric packages all ready for my exchange group for the snowball quilt challenge!  Here they come: Katy, Julie, Jennifer, Kathy, Christine, & Esther!

Then comes the picture on the right:
EXCITEMENT!!!  These came in the mail today!!!
I received my first two packages from my Snowball Quilt Challenge and fabric exchange!!!  Thanks Kathy and Christine!!! 
I am going to try going to keep them unopened until I receive the packages from all six of my peeps!  Really, I can.  It will be like Christmas if when I save them and open them all at once!!!
Then On To "Item C" on the above list:

This is Mary H's - a Jo Morton pattern.  See the pic on the right, yes, that is cross-hatch stitching every 5/8 inch. 
And yes, it took a while !!

This one was made by Mary M. for a raffle to raise money for Christmas for People In Need in Delaware, Ohio. 
And on the right, a close-up of the "flame' stitching.

This quilt is Bev C's and is about 60" x 70", I love all the colors in the batiks!  And on the right the close-up of the stitching.

And, finally, another block of the month in scarlet and gray.  Don't know how many of these I have quilted so far this fall, but I think I'm getting pretty good at stitching OSU things in the gray "on point" setting squares .

So, I am working on some of  my conundrums......November has started, daylight savings has come, and, and, oh yeah, I like the word Conundrum!
Life is too short, so stitch a little every day!

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  1. Thanks for dropping by and leaving such a nice comment on my blog. I haven't received any fabric yet from my snowball challenge swapees, but I expect it to begin to arrive this week. Can't wait to see what everyone has chosen! I've started on the snowballs, made about 6 so far. It's going to be fun! Oh, and I broke down and ordered a layer cake and 2 charm packs of the FG Rouenneries. I have plans.....


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