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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Bet you can't make just one!

I recently went blog-hopping along with many other bloggers and visited the group of designers that had the "Cross Country Christmas ~ Blog Hop".  Each of the twelve designers had a project idea on one of the twelve days of the hop.  So by the end of the hop, each designer had given a great project idea, and each hopper had twelve great project ideas.  There were some great ones, too.  I filed all of the project ideas to make at a less busy time of year.  Except for one of the ideas.  This one idea had me just jumping to get going.  I went ahead and printed it out and dug into my stash and gathered stripey fabrics.  I pulled out the ole' bag of loose fiber fill.  I even had the stiffening stuff and dye and glitter from a long ago project.
This project I fell in love with was contributed by Carrie of
Miss Rosie's Quilt Company.

I made one.
Is it not just the most adorable candy cane you have ever seen?

Then I made a second one.
Then the third, fourth, and fifth.
Then just one more.
Then another, another, another.
I just couldn't stop!
I made enough to put one at each place setting at the Christmas dinner of my garden club. 
A dinner that I can not even attend this year! 

I'm telling you they are adictive!
And, guess what, I have made them before!  As I was digging in the box that held the stiffening stuff, I came across a wrinkly pattern for a heart, a gingerbread man, a star and a candy cane! 
The size was a little different, but there you go - You can't make just one...
and evidently, you can't make them just once, either!
Now, I will start the next batch for package tie-ons!
 (totally addictive!!!)
Happy Friday!
and don't forget...stitch a little today...
even if it's a candy cane!

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  1. They're SO cute! And seriously, if something this easy to make is so gosh-darned fabulous, why would any intelligent, rational person want to make just one!?

    Have fun and I hope the ladies at your Garden Club loved your candy canes! I sure do!


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