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Friday, December 18, 2009

Cookies and milk and Chocolates?

Cookies and milk. The phrase makes me think of that wonderful holiday that's here whether we are ready or not.  And chocolates, I'll get to that in a second.

'Tis the season' is just around the corner, or so I've been told.  (I think I've told you before, I have a friend who is counting down the days, and she is always reminding me!)

My family has a semi-tradition of gathering to decorate cookies. Semi-tradition because we do it not every year, but most every year. Sometimes its just a few of us: me and a couple of nieces and nephews; a couple of us sibs and our families making different variations of gingerbread or not-gingerbread houses; a group of aunts, girl cousins and girl cousin-in-laws reminiscing while we ice and decorate an obscene amount of cookies. Cookies everywhere! I get cookied out - almost! Not really, I  L-O-V-E it!

I love it so much that I have found a way of changing it up a little, adding to the hecticness by trying to fit more into the season!  So, here is the chocolate part of the cookies and milk: 

The last few years I have hosted my spin on the traditional cookie decorating/exchange party. I invite just a few (o.k., sometimes more than a few) couples over.  The invite reads: 
 Chocolate Making-Ping Pong-Pizza Buffet-Party! 
Now doesn't that just make you want to attend? 
Read: Warning! Crazy lady having another weird gathering!

It all starts with a pizza and salad buffet.  I used to make myself crazy and make the pizzas myself.  In my old age, I've gotten just a tad smarter, and now I order the pizzas.  We eat and visit and laugh, then the guys go out to the barn to play ping pong (at least that's what they say they do) and the gals get to work making chocolates. 
dark chocolate,
milk chocolate,
white chocolate,
caramels, creams, nuts,
coconut, nougats, crunches,
break-ups, buckeyes. 
Things covered in chocolate- like pretzels, cookies, marshmallows, dried fruits, cherries, cereals, candy canes...
I'm sure there are more that I'm forgetting. 

Terri (in blue) turned as I snapped that pic and said:  "poo, I have to go wash my hands again, don't I?"  And, yes, that is my behind behind Diane.

Chocolates of every kind and look and smell and taste and texture.  Chocolates, chocolates, chocolates.  Isn't it beautiful?

Then we divvy up and package (oh, so prettily) the sweets to make them ready for gifting.

Eventually, the guys come back inside.  They say they have played some mean ping pong and they are hungry again.  So they help us sample the goodies.

We end up with chocolate highs, maybe a glass of milk, and a good time had by all, and to all a good night.

Left to right: Diane, me, Terri, Lavonn, and Diane.

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  1. This looks like great fun. Hope to get an invite - I love chocolate!


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