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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Don't you just love it? and smiles

Did you think I was going to say Chickaboom, Chickaboom???
No, I was going to say:  I love family....
family togetherness......
I really don't understand some families' dynamics.
Families that don't talk to each other all the time,
families that don't see each other often - even on holidays.
Well, I know why, I just don't have that in my family, so maybe it's just my comprehension that is lacking.
Yeah, we disagree, maybe even fight occasionally, but we agree that each is entitled to their opinion. What is right for me may not be right for you and visa-versa. It's not all about me, or you, or mine or yours. We do agree that life is too short, so get over it.

It also helps to smile - a lot! Makes others wonder what's up.

And they smile back, kinda like a yawn: you can see someone yawning in a PASSING car and that makes you yawn too.
That's what I think smiles do. Doesn't cost you anything, doesn't take much effort or cause any trouble, you don't have to pack along anything, just use those muscles in your lips and cheeks.

You smile, and the smile recipient will smile back 99% of the time.
Try'll like it! You, too, will have 99% reciprocation.

OK, sorry about the 70's references: "Chickaboom" and "try it you'll like it”.
Don't know where those came from... anyway,
check out some of our Thanksgiving family fun:
I won't bore you with lots of pics and family movies, just a couple few, I promise!
1) Too much food...I usually have self-control, not so much here...

This is only the beginnning of the food - two more counters just like this, and another whole two counters with desserts!

Oh, yea, usually, either my brother or I slice the meat before dinner, and I talked my BIL into slicing the ham - so here's a pic of his inaugural slicing - write this on the calendar:
Great job Tim!

2) A new to us word game called "Last Word":
 lots of laughter, creativity and togetherness.

We didn't really play by the rules and move around the game board, just all ages (8 to 80-my number, not the game recommendation) calling out words that fit into two different, changing categories and before the buzzer.

3) "Round the World table tennis". Don't know if that is a real name, but that's what we call it - running around the table and each person taking their turn at hitting the ball on each end of the table. You are out if you miss your return or don't hit the table on the opposite side, just like regular table tennis. So how ever many paddles we had was how many played. The challenge is when you are down to 2 peeps and you have to hit it to yourself on at the other end of the table and get there in time to hit it back! That burned off some calories!  (Also created some sweat and dizziness).
 4) "Blink" - a fast paced card flipping game that requires hand/eye coordination, shape and color recognition and logic.  OK, some people were faster than others, but, again any age and not a great time investment, so many people played.
So, love to my family, immediate and extended.  I love you guys!  Thanks for smiling, too - it helps keep my average up to 99%!!! 
Don't you just love it?


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