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Thursday, December 3, 2009

more not flimsies; turkey left-overs ONE.MORE.TIME

More quilting going on around here!  My commission list is getting MUCH shorter, and that is encouraging...that means I will have time to do some decorating, cleaning, baking,  and quilt a couple of quilt tops of my own.  OK, maybe not all of that, but a little of it here and there!
Speaking of quilts, it seems to me that the closer we get to the holiday, the smaller the quilts tops are.  What do you think, is that an indicator of the lack of time to devote to a bigger top because of the "time" element involved?  That's my guess.  So, here are just a few pics of recently finished commissions.

Yellow Brick Road with purple/frogs border and Yellow Brick Road with pink/Dora border, both by Joell.  Both just darling.

This t-shirt quilt by Angie.  She was very creative in her fabric choices - it is a great one for a grad gift.

A great memory quilt for Becky's family;
and a perfectly seamed  OSU/nine-patch by Mary Beth.

And last but not least,  a first-time quilter, Pat, did this sampler for herself!

Only three more commissions awaiting meandering at this point.  I may get caught up yet!  If I plan this right, left-overs for dinner, I may get another top loaded on the machine tonight. And, since I cooked my Humongo Turkey on Sunday, I have left-overs!
SO, that means tonight is turkey salad plate made with turkey, mayo, candied pecans, green grapes and celery, all served on a bed of lettuce.  Yum...   Sweeties' will be on wheat bread, no grapes, and not quite as Yum.  :)  Any turkey left after tonight will go in the freezer...turkey pot pie, turkey enchiladas, turkey/rice/veggie soup.  I do like left-overs, but better not 10 days in a row!

That's enough for now...I have stitching callin' me...Thursday night is my "blackwork sit and stitch group" at the LQS, I have this month's mostly done, and need to start the January block  so I can show the gals any of the next in & outs (get it??? Ins and outs!???)  they'll need for that pattern.   If you recall, we are stitching the "Ring in the New" by Kathy Schmitz.  I have the November done, the December block is done except for half of the french knots (I'm taking a little french knot break), and that is the January block in the hoop. 
Thanks for stopping by, and don't forget:
Stitch a little today!

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