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Monday, December 21, 2009

The goose is getting fat!

SOOO... Only  FOUR days left until Christmas.  And that's if this is published before midnight!!! 
This is what I see from my stitching chair:

The tree is out of the box, not fluffed or decorated...not even a quilt as the skirt around the base.
I HAVE hung up the cards received.  I don't know how this started, but tradition is to hang all the cards in the slats of the folding doors between the kitchen and great room.  Maybe because when they are removed they also remove some of the dust that never seems to be removed at any other time of year?

Sweetie felt really bad about the lack of decorating around here and got the one-horse open sleigh down from above out in the barn, put it on the front porch and strung some lights on it haphazardly.  (The sleigh was my maternal grand-dads'.  He lives in Florida now, and doesn't have any use for it in the sand, so I purchased it and love it.)  The lights look great on it from the road, driving by at 45 miles per hour!

And finally, I just received this great bubble light in our work Christmas it's plugged in the kitchen.
Oh, wait...I have a very nice Snowball Ornament from one of the lovely ladies in the Snowball Quilt Challenge.  It's hanging in the Quilting Room on the center white divider of the windows.  But that is a sad room right now.  Notice that there is no D.D. Handiquilter machine there now?  Yes, it sold and went to a new home on last Friday.  The new, Big D.D. is ordered, but haven't heard a delivery date yet, so everytime I walk by the door, I'm a little sad.

Back to Christmas decor, or lack thereof:
THAT, my friends is the extent of my christmas decorating at this point!
Happy Four days before Christmas!!!

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