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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A second of time...

A cousin recently sent me this pic -- Don't you just love the nostalgia of the picture?
Just a second of time past at a family Christmas.
Cousin Carolyn on the left, aunt JoAnn center back, Uncle Bob behind right, my momma on the right with the gift box.  And... that is me (at ten months) on that beautiful linoleum.
(Why do you suppose that I am the only one that is smiling???  Anyway, 
Look at that gorgeous tree - I love the tinsel. 
Look at the glasses, and the shoes and the FASHION!  Skirts and sweaters and heels!!!
Do you wear skirts and sweaters and heels to your Christmas gatherings with family???
I think I may have to wear a skirt and sweater to my family Christmas gatherings!
Skip the heels, though...I'll go with flats.
This is my Christmas sweater that I found at C. Banks:

and now I think I will have to make a skirt to go with!

What do you think?  A little retro Christmas for the parties?

Back to work!!!
Only a few commissioned quilts still awaiting meandering.  Everything is to go for drop off/pick up Thursday and Friday. 

Hardly a single thing done around here decorating wise, but now that the quilty quilts are about finished up, I can start throwing tinsel around and putting flour on my apron and myself and say I have been working hard!
Still smiling!

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