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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Blame it on the Blue Moon

This, to me, is a sad picture.

Yes, the sun is shining and the snow is glistening.  And, oh, yeah, at first glance you see a nice, spaceous area with semi-clean windows, lighting, and carpet.
But if you look closely, you'll see tracks in the carpet where, once upon a time, something big sat and occupied this space.
This space is sad because there is no longer a HQ16 sitting here.
Yes, DD, the HQ16 machine went to a new home in the middle of December.
Just so sad.
(Imagine all the sad emoticons here)

 But, things are looking up...
There is land-line evidence that that Big Brown Freight Truck will be coming sometime soon.
There is paper evidence that it will happen.
And then, there was an email:  confirmation! For Tuesday Afternoon!!!
YAY, today is Tuesday!!! And now it's afternoon!!!
I have stitched and cleaned and stitched and cleaned all day.
The whole while listening carefully for the sound of a delivery truck.
Afternoon became evening.
The Big Brown Truck came.
We heard the truck slow down.  I looked out the front window eagerly.
Then the Big Brown Truck drove on by!

Then the Big Brown Truck driver called and said he would deliver when he finished his other deliveries.
The Big Brown Truck driver decided he didn't want to back up our driveway.
So The Big Brown Truck driver went on and made more deliveries around town.
More sadness.

The Big Brown Truck driver called back.
The Big Brown Truck driver decided he could pull into the neighborhood down the road, we could back OUR truck up to his freight truck lift-gate and we could off-load onto our truck.
Then WE could drive OUR truck back to our house and up the driveway.

Does this mean that there was "delivery made"
if WE had to go with our truck and pick it up???

Notice that it is now dark?  And notice that there are no lights out here in rural Ohio?

Notice in the pic on the right that Sweetie, in blue, is balancing the load, and Brown Truck Driver is shining a little light and letting the lift-gate down.
Still can't figure why the Big Brown Truck driver had to drive by our home during daylight hours, go make other deliveries on the other side of town, then come back after dark, to a location not the address given for delivery, and have us do the delivery!!!

Anyway, the eleven boxes came off of our truck, through the garage, the entry, the kitchen and into the sunroom.  Sweetie and I started unpacking and laying things out.  We emptied all four boxes that held the table sections and parts & pieces. 
It's looking just a little happier in here now...messier, but happier!!!
Then we stopped for the night.  We'll get an early start tomorrow and work on it some more before we need to leave for appointments that have to be kept.
Wait, I have an idea!  Maybe this all occurred because of the Blue Moon tonight!  Yep, I bet that's it.  Not Big Brown Truck driver's fault at all. 
Just blame is on the Blue Moon.   
Guess I did a little Blue Moon stitching today.  How about you?
Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Holy cow!! I'm sure it was worth it in the end. Are you still sharing/partnering? Congrats on your new baby!


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