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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The goose is getting fatter!!!!

Christmas is still coming!!!

The tree now has lights and cranberry/popcorn strings and a handful of ornaments. And, yes the tree is leaning just a little, it's not a photo illusion.  I might fix it, but maybe not.  It's kinda' growing on me!

I also got out the box of snow
flakes.  These glass and glass looking snowflakes don't come out every year. But this year, they came to visit. They are strung on clear monofilament and hung across a monofilament leader. This is then put onto the small nails above the back sliding doors. These doors don't really get used much in the winter, so it doesn't bother me to have the fragile things hanging there.  And, WA- LAA. It looks like I did a whole lotta' decorating.
Then, here's a cute story:
My Sis calls last week and says that her 8 year old daughter said that they don't have to bake cookies this year...
"why not" Sis asks?...
8 year old daughter says " We can just go make them at Aunt B's and bring them home!!!"
"Aunt B's"?  you ask...
Why, that would be ME!!!  
(when my other neices were little they couldn't pronounce my name, but could say "B"  Soooo, I became Aunt B to the neices and nephews in my family, which my brothers think is hilarious).
So, today, two days before Christmas, was cookie making day.

Check out these cuties (cookies and kids!):
Also check out the mess we are making!  Doesn't that look like fun???
And, yes, I let them eat the cookies and icing and candy sprinkles as we decorated!
I got to send them all home with sugar highs and trays of cookies!

Now that the neices and nephew have gone, and I have sort-of cleaned up the baking stuff, I need to do a little wrapping.
Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, you know!
Happy two days before Christmas, Everyone!!!

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