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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

quilts and christmas

Here are a few of the last quilts I did:

Patty's golf quilt for hubby on the left.
On the right, the first of three memory quilts.

Above left, a great purple, very large quilt by Kay; on the right the second memory quilt.

The "12 Days" quilt by Patty - on left and close-up on right.

Then on the right the third memory quilt.

The last two are just wall hanging size, by Aunt Mary, both commission pieces.  These two I quilted TODAY at my local HQ dealership.  Remember my HQ16 sold?  My new HQ24 is on order - and YAY, it is shipping today!!! Yay!!!!!

Then I took a little time and cleaned the kitchen and then threw up (not the gross throw up) a little christmas decor.  More about that later... 

Now off to the airport to pick up daughter and S-I-L!
Happy Three Days before Christmas!!!!!

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